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Transform Your Business with Multi-Unit-Wide Coordinating Optimization!

A Hybrid Model deploying the best of both Rigorous First Principles Models and Machine Learning for Planners, Schedulers, Plant Manager, Engineers as well as Operators!

With the use of our integrated multi-unit-wide coordinating optimization, planners take into consideration selected feedstock and committed product delivers to develop an optimal operations plan which can continuously be updated and calibrated via Digital Twin models made by and for engineers to represent the current processing conditions and their limits. Schedulers then operationalize, or de-plan if you will, this plan taking into account real-world constraints and dynamic market conditions. These models and data are key elements to synchronizing production planning, scheduling, site-wide and real-time unit -wide optimization, model predictive control and regulatory control, etc. Our coordination optimization unifies the planning and scheduling with the unit-wide optimization and control scheme leading to fully cooperating and timely aligned operations. At the operating level, operators can work together to essentially leverage the use of the updated / re-trained Digital Twin models to run the plant closer to the planned and scheduled capacity, yield and energy limits. The coordinating optimization also allows for autonomous data reconciliation to be applied at the appropriate time to achieve a new benchmark of performance across wider functional areas of the plant. To realize and capture the promise of better and more progressive optimization, our embedded equation-oriented Digital Twin models spanning many production and operation stages is vitally important to empower a useful and globally feasible decision-making process.

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